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1st Floor. 2 Granish Way. Dalfaber Drive. Aviemore PH22 1UQ

Lundies House. Tongue. Lairg. Sutherland. IV27 4XF Scotland.

+44 15 40 66 16 19

Lundies House is part of WildLand Limited that offers you a portfolio of extraordinary and unforgettable getaways.

We are happy to provide you with more information upon request. For more information about our work in Scotland, please visit our website.


The Shona

Wake up with the morning sunlight dancing through the thin white curtains and on to your bed. While studying the ever-changing Highland cloud formations above the scenery of the kyle, the faint smell of freshly baked bread fills the house.

Take a seat in the small red vintage chair by the contemporary make-up table. Facing towards the water and Ben Hope, Lundies is giving a nod to the historic Castle Bharrich which can be seen in the distant. Both buildings are part of history. The view is memorable. The shifting light wanders in the room highlighting one by one the many details.

Time for a morning bath. In the middle of the bathroom, you’ll find a centerpiece bathtub from Drummonds. A modern British classic which invites you to enjoy a long moment of relaxation. Beside it is a build-in marble shower and separate toilet. The vintage chair is an auction gem,- brought to life again with a new deep green velvet cover. Inviting you to sit and have a conversation with the one enjoying the bath.

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